When you pay your premiums, you deserve all the coverage your policy allows. Homeowners may not immediately notice the damage storm, high winds, or hail causes to their roofs as such damage is sometimes difficult to see. After a high wind storm or hail storm, homeowners may need a full roof replacement. I have successfully handled cases involving insurance companies that wanted to replace just a few shingles or half the roof as well as those who attempted to improperly reduce coverage because of the age of the roof.

If your insurance company is delaying, denying, or undervaluing your claim, we can help.  At John Z. Lagrow, P.A., we have helped numerous clients with insurance claims related to storm, wind and hail damage and have developed a reputation as an aggressive advocate for policy holders who have suffered damage to their real property. Let me handle the details of your hurricane damage, fire damage, wind, or hail damage insurance claim.  You can get started by filling out our online form for your own cost-free claim review

In some cases, we are successful in forcing the insurance company to pay for all of our attorney fees and costs. You pay no up front costs and no attorney fees at all unless I win. To schedule a free consultation about your roof damage claim, please contact me online or call 407-620-9965 today. 

AUTO GLASS LITIGATION - John was one of the first attorneys in the State of Florida to take on the insurance industry on behalf of auto glass companies seeking fair and reasonable payments for glass services provided. John has a thorough understanding of the auto glass industry and how insurance companies try to place limitations on reimbursement amounts for glass services that may not be as required in the applicable policy of insurance. From using TPA's to try to steer business to network glass shops, to asking for inspections and appraisals, John knows how to respond and assist in such situations. I  welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I can help you recover the insurance benefits you rightly deserve.